Reclaiming the Magic


I remember being very small and having energy that presented as symbols and numbers that would spiral dance for me as I fell asleep, taking me with them and out of my body. I loved playing in nature, knowing everything was alive and had a voice. Once I disappeared into the woods and caused great concern for the adults. It was very confusing when my dear Uncle scolded me for playing outside in the wind, declaring a tree limb could break and hurt me. Didn’t he know the wind and trees were my friends and would never harm me?

Then there was the kitten incident, around age 3 a momma cat had babies under the house. My new mission in life was to love those kittens, play with them, they just had to know I didn’t want to hurt them. Maybe they were just shy, I was shy not wanting people to see me or talk to me. Except my family, I loved my family. So one night during a thunderstorm I was playing in my bed with the thunder and lightning, making it thunder, so I imagined. I decided to make the storm really scary and maybe the kittens would be frightened enough to come out and I would be there to protect them and keep them safe. The next morning the kittens were gone! What happened? When I asked, an adult told me the lightning had killed them. I was really confused, had the thunder and lightning not understood I only wanted to frighten them out of hiding, so we could play and they would know I loved them. But instead I had killed them!

It feels like there were a few other incidents, that I don’t have memory of now, but I have recalled the defining moment. I stood behind the table we cut watermelons on and made a decision, ‘I had to stop’ nobody was safe, my family didn’t understand and I didn’t want them to stop loving me. So it was like I took a final gulp of air that made me sick to my stomach, promising one day it would be okay to open up again. Maybe a year or so later sitting on the swing set at dusk I said a prayer and made what I called a ‘mark’ to remember the magic because I realized I was beginning to forget. And then life went on, there was a new baby sister we moved and got a new house. My mom enrolled me in school and a whole new world was upon me.

The final encounter of early childhood happened here and that’s where I fully merged into my parents fear. My family was visiting friends and I was playing outside, maybe I was feeling a little homesick for the magic, and I wished for it. Then it was time to go home, on the way a huge gaseous orange sphere appeared in the sky. My father immediately saw it, I got super excited, he got super alarmed. Closer and closer it came, it was beautiful! It was coming right for us, my dad panicked and stopped the car. At that moment another choice, who was I? This was my family. I looked at my parents and sister all frightened, inside I knew it was time to fully be like them. When I looked at the sphere again there was a frightening face and roar. My father returned to the neighbors house and we all watched it drift out of sight. Upon returning home and looking out a back window it appeared once more, I ran to bed and covered my head, praying for it to go away.

And it did, for a long time.

In meditation I worked with that little girl last night, letting her know it was safe now. She had done really well at keeping her promise to stop (being the magic), but it was okay, she could breathe and be her natural self again. Then I realized all of them my mom, dad, aunt & uncle were gone now, all transitioned. It felt like they joined us too in this place outside of time. My family hugged us, told us they loved us and thanked us. Now from their perspective they could understand so much more and would be the support they had not been capable of being then. Tears of Gratitude Flowed

All is never lost we are all eternal beings and time is just an illusion. If you have lost contact with your magical child, go get her back!


Remembering Love


Through many life times of expression in earth density I was imprinted not to love, because love caused pain. Time after time those I loved, things I loved, were destroyed, were taken. You see after you reach the point when you can no longer be hurt physically, it is realized how hurting what you love is worse than hurting you. So you come to the conclusion, don’t love. It is the only way to be safe.

This realization has been coming in slowly, not sure it is fully realized. I feel like I carried a wounded heart across the finish line to the new energy. Like many I am confirmed.

I am willing to take the chance to love again, starting with myself from the guilt I most likely carry from thinking this is a burden. But it is not; my seeming burdens are lifted and float to heaven as answered prayers. In the wisdom of Divinity every possible way I can disconnect myself from love is temporary and goes into the records of Humanity never need to be repeated. I so Love Us thank you so much my family in sprit. I had reached a point where I could not cry any more.

I believe in the core of my being we have passed a place that is marked. I may still see days of disillusion, but I have taken a breath of purity incarnate and it breathes new life, new birth. Both sides of the story created in Infinite Love

I am coming to find myself more through these meetings of coherence events across an electronic highway, not possible before.

I found this this morning, it was written almost a year ago. Recently I became aware of taking a vow to never love again, it brought harm to any and all I loved. Silly me thinking that first awareness cleared it completely. Imprinting can carry deeply, but I strongly believe in Intention Homeopathy, and our power in the NOW. So I’ve created words to say out loud to my body and it’s akashic remembrance.

If inclined use them our your own, may we join again in the light of love!

Hand on Heart…

Dear body,

This is an angel of Creative Source speaking, in all love and sacredness, Fear Not, I Love You!

I know there was a time when our love of life and light was used against us. There was much pain and I understand and honor the choices you felt were necessary to survive. However, Fear Not for now there is Great Love bathing the planet, it is safe to come out of the cave. It is time to release what was created in the illusion of separation and remember our love. From the center point I stand and radiate out into all life times, all dimensions, all layers, all levels, I Am that I Am and I Am All that I Am.

And yes there still may be times when others wishing to remain hidden in the dark attempt to persecute, but we are eternal. Fear Not, we have made it, it is time to shine our Love for ourselves and humanity. This is the time we have waited for, celebrate! And So I AM, and so it is.

Midwife of Creation

Midwife of Creation

To all divine beings incarnate in a human body at this time. If you are feeling that homesickness, heed the call. These human bodies you inhabit now have not known the fullness of unity consciousness you are faintly remembering and yearning for. From the compassion of that knowing bring forth that wisdom into these bodies. The mother of these bodies, is your magnetic grounding force. What you yearn for is not obtainable as you see it outside of yourself – sphere of influence. Your remembering this essence is not a curse, it is a calling. Now call it to you; embody it here in this body you are birthing it for yourselves and all of creation. I am a facilitator midwife

Stand in your knowing of who, what and why you are, release the pain of separation. Separation is the only illusion. The labor has been long but the head is now crowning, you have what it takes to push. And when you wipe the sweat and tears away you will rejoice as a mother seeing her newborn baby. Call out to the attendants and your family who surround you they will help you remember the compassion and love you packed so tightly when you began this journey. Nothing has been lost only born again anew. That homesickness is calling you back to your knowing for the task is creation. If that knowing is your truth the love the unity why would you not give it here?